的 8 Best Rotisserie and Roaster Ovens for Home Cooks


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If you’re a home cook who spends a lot of time cooking meat, a countertop 烤肉店 or 烤er oven could be a great appliance for your kitchen. 的 beauty of a rotating 烤肉店 is the meat self-bastes as it turns in the oven, 确保甚至烹饪. It allows cooks of all levels to make the richest, most succulent meat.

如果你的烤箱空间有限,想要在繁忙的烹饪日或假期有一个备份,台面电器也可以是一个很好的选择. 这种方式, 你可以把蛋糕吃完, 馅饼, and 饼干 while you’ve got your meat working in a separate appliance.

“我强烈推荐使用低火、慢火、持续加热的烤炉,”他说 加布里埃尔·洛佩兹她是佛罗里达州坦帕市威拉餐厅的行政主厨. “这是非常恰当的,你有一个托盘下面的肉,以捕捉多汁的脂肪,在烹饪时从肉. 把一些淀粉类的蔬菜放在烤肉叉下,这些脂肪就能把小土豆、西红柿和甜菜都烤熟.”

If you’re looking for an appliance that can do more than just 烤肉店, a 烤er oven could be a great way to not only cook a 烤, 还有空气炒, 烧烤, 脱水, 烤各种各样的食物. 最终, the device you choose depends on how much kitchen space you have to sacrifice, 你的预算, and the specific cooking functions you’re looking to get out of it. 为了帮助您的决定,ca88会员登录入口研究和测试了目前市场上可用的选项.


最佳整体烤炉: 忍者食物i 5-in-1室内烧烤

忍者食物i 5-in-1室内烧烤


  • 多才多艺的

  • 容易清洁

  • 即使是烹饪

  • 坚固的

  • 简单的设置

  • 四四方方的设计

This handy countertop 烤er oven does much more than 烤—it also 烧烤s, 空气薯条, 烤, 脱水——所以每天都可以用它来烹饪各种食物,从开胃菜、主菜到配菜和甜点. 烧烤温度可从低到高设定, 也就是105到500度, and the 4-quart air fryer basket gives plenty of space for family-sized portions of fries. 说到烘焙, 可以处理鸡肉了, 猪肉, 晚餐也可以吃牛肉, 它含有烟雾, 飞溅, 和热.

忍者's Cyclonic Grilling Technology involves a powerful fan that circulates the hot air, 所以你的食物煮得又快又均匀. 事实上, ca88会员登录入口的测试人员发现它很快就会熟,并警告你不要把食物放进去就忘了,因为这样很容易烤过头.

如果你想挥霍一下的话 忍者食物i专业版 包括相同的功能,以及一个智能探针,使烹饪几乎万无一不可,因为可以监测食物,而无需打开盖子检查它, and it ensures that food cooks to the exact temperature desired.

维度: 17 × 14 × 11英寸| 容量: 6夸脱| 最高温度: 500度

最佳整体烤炉: 快速锅涡流Pro 9-in-1空气炸锅

快速锅涡流Pro 9-in-1空气炸锅


  • 容易清洁

  • 多才多艺的

  • 高效的烹饪

  • 易读的显示

  • 陡峭的学习曲线

快煲电压力锅在家电界以其非常受欢迎的电压力锅而闻名. Since then, it's expanded its line, earning massive praise from fans. 这个评价很高的烤箱叫烤肉店, 还有更多:它可以在空气中炸, 烤, 烤面包, 烤, 烤, 脱水, 证明, 当然, it can 烤肉店 cook everything from chicken to 烤 beef. 

10夸脱的容量足够家庭用餐了, 而包括在烤肉棒上使用的篮子在烹饪食物时,它在篮子里翻滚, so French fries and other small foods cook evenly with no need to stir or flip the food, 让厨师专注于其他事情.

维度: 13.75 x 14.37 x 13.23英寸| 容量: 10个夸脱| 最高温度: 400度

最适合低节奏和慢节奏: Emeril Lagasse电力油炸机360

Emeril Lagasse电力空气炸锅360


  • 多才多艺的

  • 有吸引力的

  • 高效的烹饪

  • ca88手机版登录书包括

  • 小容量

5加热元件, 1500瓦功率, 12种烹饪功能使这款烤箱足够多功能,可以承担标准烤箱的许多烹饪任务. 烤肉店可以 处理鸡 最多可以烤4磅, and it boasts the ability to accommodate a turkey up to 12 pounds for 烤. 它也可以空气油炸, 烤, 脱水, 烤面包, 再热, 烤, 烤面包圈, 做披萨, 慢煮, 和温暖的. When 慢煮ing, it can be set for up to 10 hours for super-tender meats. An added bonus is the cookbook written by Emeril Lagasse for this oven.

维度: ‎20 × 15 × 11英寸| 容量: 6夸脱| 最高温度: 400度

最好的大容量: COSORI CO130-AO 12-in-1对流烘焙机

COSORI CO130-AO 12-in-1对流烘焙机


  • 多才多艺的

  • 易读显示

  • 精确的温度控制

  • 大量的预设

  • 宽敞的

  • 难清洁

的 32-quart capacity of this oven makes it great for large families and for parties. 它对披萨有预设, 烤, 空气炸, 敬酒, 敬酒百吉饼, 烘焙, 酷热的, 制作饼干, 烤肉店烹饪, 脱水, 发酵, 保持食物温暖, 所以它在厨房里会有很多用途, 即使 烤肉店 不在菜单上. This can hold six slices of 烤面包, a 13-inch pizza, or an entire chicken on the 烤肉店.

LED屏幕使它很容易看到设置, while the dials and buttons make it easy to choose the mode, time, 和温度. 它有五个加热元件,可以更快地烹饪, and there's a light inside so it’s simple to check on food as it cooks. 的 interior has a nonstick coating that helps make cleaning easier.

维度: 20.1 x 16.5 x 12.1英寸| 容量: 32个夸脱| 最高温度: 450度

最适合空气煎炸: NutriChef PKAIRFR96 1800W大功率烤箱组合

NutriChef PKAIRFR96 1800W大功率烤箱组合


  • 易读的显示

  • 数字触摸控制

  • 不粘锅的篮子

  • 容易清洁

  • 多才多艺的

  • 嘈杂的

This 17-quart countertop oven offers plenty of space for family meals, parties, and more. It has eight preset cooking modes that make it easy to set, along with easy manual controls for time 和温度. 除了当烤肉师, 它也可以空气油炸, 脱水, 烤, 烤, 烤, 烧烤, 和烧烤. 的 air-fry托盘 has a nonstick surface so foods will release easily after cooking. 为了方便清洗,所有可拆卸的配件都是洗碗机安全的,节省了烹饪后的时间.

维度: ‎11.8 x 9.8 x 7.5英寸| 容量: 17个夸脱| 最高温度: 400度


“Recently, our favorite thing to cook in the 烤肉店 aside from meat are veggies. We've been 烤 whole cauliflowers, carrots—the sky's the limit."加布里埃尔·洛佩兹他是佛罗里达州坦帕市威拉餐厅的行政总厨

最佳小烘烤器: Nesco 6-Quart Ivory Roaster with Porcelain Cookwell 4816-14

Nesco 6-Quart Ivory Roaster with Porcelain Cookwell 4816-14


  • 保持冷静处理

  • 可拆卸的刀片

  • 容易清洁

  • 包括带有提升手柄的冷却机架

  • 没有计时器

  • 盖子可能密封不好

不是每个人都需要能处理 巨大的火鸡. 在6夸脱, this little 烤er has plenty of space for family meals, 但它不会占用太多的存储空间. 温度可以设定在250到450度之间,椭圆形的形状适合各种烘烤. 这包括一个带把手的烤架,使它更容易安全地把鸡肉或猪肉从烤架上拿出来. For those who like to coordinate kitchen colors, it's available in several colors.

维度: ‎15 x 8.5 x 15英寸| 容量: 6夸脱| 最高温度: 450度

最好的大容量烘烤器: 牡蛎烤炉与自涂油盖 (CKSTRS18-BSB-W)



  • 容易清洁

  • 大容量

  • 多才多艺的

  • 自涂油盖保持肉的湿润

  • 外面变得很热

非常适合那些喜欢为人群烹饪的厨师, 这个18夸脱的烤炉可以烤22磅的火鸡,所以你可以让它来烤晚餐,而大烤炉来烤派, 蛋糕, 面包, 和国. 当烘焙, the self-basting lid collects steam and drips it back onto the 烤, 所以食物在烹饪过程中会自己涂油. 它还包括一个架子,可以很容易地将食物放入烤炉中,并在完成后将其取出.

的 heat can be set from Keep Warm to 450度 to handle a wide variety of cooking tasks. Not just for 烤, this can also 烤 and 慢煮, so it will get used over and over. 的 烤 pan is removable and is enamel coated for easy cleaning.

维度: 23.3 x 15.6 x 11.8英寸| 容量: 22个夸脱| 最高温度: 450度

最适合发酵: EaZy BrandZ EZO-1010BL Oberdome Countertop Electric Roaster Oven

EaZy BrandZ EZO-1010BL Oberdome Countertop Electric Roaster Oven


  • 多才多艺的

  • 有多种颜色可供选择

  • 快速预热

  • 包括多个烹饪架

  • 可移植的

  • 没有计时器

大多数烘焙机从底部加热, but this one breaks with tradition and has the heating element on the top, 哪种烹饪更快更均匀. 它可以处理6磅重的鸡,以及你喜欢的同样大小的牛肉或猪肉. 不只是用来烘焙,它还能处理更多东西. 它可以烤10英寸的披萨,也可以 烤面包 还是蛋糕. 它也是烤土豆或蔬菜的理想选择.

的 interior has a ceramic enamel coating for easy cleaning, and the exterior has a glossy finish that looks attractive. For those who like to match appliances with their kitchen décor, 这是红色的, 白色, 或蓝色. 这个烘焙机非常便携, 而且只有5英镑, 这很容易做到, 无论是在房车里旅行, 或者去参加聚餐,为食物保温. This can be set from 150 to 450度 with a simple dial on the front. 

尺寸:: ‎16.3 x 15.2 x 9.5英寸| 容量: 6磅| 最高温度: 450度

在Rotisserie或烤 Oven里可以找到什么

By 莎拉些


你的烤炉的大小将直接影响你能烹饪的鸟的大小. 考虑烤箱的实际容量是很重要的(这样你就知道你可以烹饪多大的蛋白质), but also to acknowledge how much counter space the appliance requires. 如果你不打算每天都用的话, you’ll likely want a spot in your kitchen big enough to tuck it away.


If you’re only looking to 烤 a holiday turkey once a year or cook an 偶尔的鸡在美国,一个基本的烤箱可能是一个不错的选择. 然而, 如果你计划更定期地使用它, 考虑一台可以兼做烤面包机的机器, 一个船, 和其他电器.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven With Convection and Rotisserie 31104D


Price tags for 烤肉店 and 烤er ovens range widely, from $40 to upward of $200. 你应该花多少钱取决于你计划使用它的频率以及添加功能的重要性. If you’re looking to keep things to simple 烤, a cost-effective model should be fine. But if you want to play with all sorts of bells and whistles, you may want to spend more.


A spit is the rod that cooks the meat, and most 烤肉店s come with one or two. Multiple spits allow you to cook more pieces of meat at one time, 不过请记住,所有的肉仍然需要放进烤箱(这意味着你可能无法在一个小烤炉里同时烤制两只大鸟. Multiple spits can be super convenient for smaller cuts of meat, like kebabs. 单吐 will be the most practical if you’ll mostly be using your 烤肉店 to cook larger meats. 


Not all 烤肉店s offer the same temperature settings. In some cases, you can set the desired temperature using degrees. 在其他的模型, 可以利用预设控件, 这不仅提供了一些额外的方便,而且还消除了一些烧烤的困惑. 如果你刚接触烤炉, it might be helpful to have preset controls to navigate the device. 如果你对温度感到舒服的话, the option of setting specific degrees will give you much more control and precision. 这最终取决于你的个人偏好. If you are making recipes that specify an exact temperature and time, you’re probably better off having customizable temperatures. 

云杉吃 / Lindsay Boyers 



的 most recognizable and common 烤肉店 is a horizontal 烤肉店. As the name implies, this version rotates the protein from a horizontal angle. This version is definitely the most popular model among home cooks, 因为它可以容纳各种各样的肉类. 更不用说, 它有多种尺寸可供选择, so you can pick a model that is perfect for your kitchen space. 水平烤肉的关键是要理解平衡,让你的烤肉架旋转得恰到好处,同时烹饪出完美的蛋白质. This can sometimes take a little bit of a learning curve, but once you start to get acquainted with how your machine works, 你很快就能做出美味的肉了.


与它的水平对应物相反,这种类型的烤肉架以一个垂直的角度旋转肉. 这种设置的优点是,你不需要玩弄你在水平烤肉架上做的微妙平衡. This version can also save a bit of counter space because it’s much taller than it is wide. 主要的缺点是肉的汁液在烹饪过程中会滴到肉的底部,最终会流失. While some consumers prefer this because there is a bit less fat in the final product, 另一些人认为你失去了很多味道.

Vertical 烤肉店s are also a classic setup for dishes like 陀螺肉 或铝牧师, where you can gradually shave away at the protein as it vertically spins on the 烤肉店. If tradition or authenticity is important to you for these particular dishes, 一个垂直的烤肉架可能最适合你的需要.


烤肉店的最后一种是烤箱. 这个版本与水平和垂直模型的区别在于,它提供了比简单的旋转肉更多的功能. 事实上, 它基本上可以像烤面包机一样工作, 这是制作面包的绝佳选择, 饼干, 冷冻食品, 或者任何需要在烤箱里加热的东西. 也就是说, 你冒着牺牲肉类质量的风险(特别是与旋转模型相比),因为这不是设备的特殊功能.

如果你想用一个器具来烤肉, you might be better off with one of the two above models; however, 如果你想要更多的价值和多样性, a 烤肉店 oven will allow you to do much more with just one appliance.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven With Convection and Rotisserie 31104D



Bet you didn’t know your favorite pressure cooker brand also makes a 烤肉店 oven. This 10-quart appliance can not only 烤 and 烤肉店 meats, 但它也可以空气油炸, 烤面包, 烤, 烤, 脱水, 和证明. 价格适中,是一笔不错的投资.


以其台面烤炉而闻名, this brand makes a 烤肉店 model that can also 烧烤, air-fry, 和脱水. 此外,它还配有一个智能探针,以确保你的烹饪温度与你想要的温度完全相符, 对于新手来说,什么是很棒的功能.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven With Convection and Rotisserie 31104D


照看好你的烤肉架非常简单——每次使用后都需要用热肥皂水擦洗烤肉架,以确保没有留下油脂或食物残渣. Most 烤肉店s are made with removable trays and racks, making cleanup a breeze. If there is a lot of buildup of grease, use 烘焙 soda and water to remove it. Grease collection trays should be cleaned after each use, too. Make sure when you clean your device that it is unplugged and completely cooled. While some ovens might boast dishwasher-safe parts, it is always best to hand-wash.



如果你有一个垂直或水平的烤肉架, 准备好烤肉串和肉叉可以让你灵活地一次烤多个烤肉串, whether it’s just one big bird or a variety of kebabs and smaller meats.


的re is going to be a lot of residual grease when you’re using this appliance, so positioning a drip pan at the bottom will not only make for a much safer setup, but it will also allow you to clean the device faster.


如果你要制作大量多汁的肉,你需要一块结实的木板来雕刻它们. 的 great thing about a good carving board is the divot around the board, which will collect any juices and prevent your countertop from becoming a wet, 油腻的混乱.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven With Convection and Rotisserie 31104D



如果你能把它放在口水上,它 可以做烤肉吗. 牛肉, 家禽, 猪肉都是竞争者, 只要你的烤炉有能力, but many ovens come with baskets and skewers that widen the world of 烤肉店烹饪. 蔬菜、烤肉串和海鲜都得益于烤炉的自涂油烹饪方法.


A common misconception is that you can only cook meat in a 烤er oven, 但还有更多的可能性. 你可以 做砂锅菜, 汤和炖菜,蔬菜,有些甚至容纳烘焙食品. Most have the same capabilities as traditional ovens except they are portable. And, of course, any meat is on the menu for 烤er ovens. Many have self-basting lids, so racks of ribs, 猪肉 烤s, and 咸牛肉胸肉 出来时鲜嫩多汁.


简而言之,不. 烘烤是一种干热烹饪方法. Roaster ovens utilize the natural juices of the food to baste while cooking. Added water would steam your food, defeating the purpose of using this type of oven. 

Do 烤肉店 and 烤er ovens cook faster than a traditional oven?

Roaster ovens and conventional ovens both cook using dry heat. Traditional ovens require time to p再热 and have a larger surface to maintain temperature. 更小的足迹和更接近的食物使烤炉比传统的烤箱更有效率, generally shaving off about 30 percent of total cooking time. 也就是说, they are limited in capacity and can only cook one dish at a time.

Rotisserie烤箱通过旋转食物来运转, 是什么导致了持续的自爆, 这与传统的烤箱完全不同,传统的烤箱是食物保持静止,通过干热烹饪. 在一般情况下, 像焙烧炉炉, the smaller footprint and proximity to the heat source speeds up the total cooking time.


唐娜·柯里 hasn’t met a kitchen appliance she hasn’t wanted to try, 所以她一直在寻找精英中的精英. She even spends spare time researching new appliances just for fun, so shopping for this roundup might have put a few items on her own shopping list.

嘉莉Honaker她是一位拥有自己那份厨房小电器的美食作家. 作为一名餐馆老板和狂热的家庭厨师, she knows the importance of finding the right tool for the right job. 她喜欢在工作日晚上的鸡肉凯撒沙拉上直接吐出多汁的烤鸡. Carrie's work has appeared in many publications including Bon Appetit, Allrecipes, 和葡萄酒爱好者.

嘉莉Honaker is a freelance writer specializing in food, wine, travel, and culture. Her work has appeared in Bon Appetit, Wine Enthusiast, Allrecipes, and more.
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