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Orange 利口酒 are a diverse group of distilled spirits 味道ed with the citrus fruit. Most are sweet and some use a neutral grain base while others feature a liquor such as brandy. There are many orange 利口酒 available and they're produced worldwide, 包括加勒比地区, 荷兰, 法国, 和意大利. 你会看到名字三秒, 库拉索岛, 橘味白酒, 以及鸡尾酒配方中的万尼酒, 虽然有些人只是简单地把橙色利口酒列为一种成分. 在所有的 利口酒 在市场上, orange 利口酒 are used most often and that makes them essential for a well-stocked bar. 


  • 成分:橙色
  • 证明: 60–80
  • 酒精含量: 30–40%
  • 产地: 加勒比海,荷兰,法国,意大利,墨西哥
  • 味道: 甜,带有橘、橙
  • 服务: 鸡尾酒,照片


Orange liqueur is a sweetened distilled spirit that is 味道ed with oranges. 生产方法因品牌和风格而异. Orange 利口酒 may use a base that is a neutral grain spirit (similar to vodka), 朗姆酒, or brandy. The orange 味道 often comes from dried orange peels or orange essential oil, 尽管情况并非总是如此. 它们通常在30%之间 酒精的体积 (ABV, 60度)至40% ABV(80度).

There are three basic types of orange 利口酒: 库拉索岛, triple sec, and brandy-based. 也有一些品牌不属于上述任何一个类别. 这些可能是特定种类的橙子的特征, 做苦(而不是甜)利口酒, 或者加入其他成分,比如草药, 香料, 或人工香料. Some, for the pure purpose of branding, do not use a particular category on the label.


橘子味的利口酒有一种典型的橘子味. They tend to be very sweet, some almost syrupy, though some can have a drier mouthfeel.


  • 库拉索岛: 库拉索岛(发音 kurra-sow, also curaçoa) liqueur is the oldest style of orange liqueur and originated on the Caribbean island of the same name. 人们相信,当西班牙人在那里种植橘子树时, 这种气候产生了一种苦的果实,但在干燥后会更好. Eventually, the dried peels of small laraha oranges were used to 味道 the liquor. 荷兰公司波士(bol)声称是第一家生产库拉索岛的公司.这是经常需要的 经典鸡尾酒配方. 大约在20世纪初, Curaçao生产商开始销售各种颜色的产品:橙色, 白色(清晰), 蓝色的, 和格林(很少). The orange and white 利口酒 are the most versatile; 蓝色的 库拉索岛 is one of the most common ways to create 蓝色的鸡尾酒. 大多数库拉索酒是60度的.


Blue 库拉索岛 is also available in a nonalcoholic form that is actually a syrup. 当你想把无尾鸡尾酒调成蓝色时,这是很有用的. It can often be found in the mixer section of the liquor store next to the grenadine, 苏打水, 和柠檬汁.

  • 三秒: Triple sec是荷兰语库拉索岛的法语答案. 橘味白酒(明显 kwahn-troh)和Combier声称是第一个三秒. 证券交易委员会 means "dry" in French and triple sec is often thought to mean "triple dry,虽然它可以指三次蒸馏的利口酒. There's also a claim that the name refers to the third attempt at 橘味白酒's recipe (the one still in use). 今天, "triple sec" is more of a generic term for an orange liqueur and there are many brands that vary greatly in quality, 味道, 和甜蜜. 橘味白酒 and Combier are the most trusted premium brands available; many are considerably lower in quality, 通常是不好吃的. This liqueur is often clear, though some with a brandy base may have a golden color. Most triple sec is 60 proof; 橘味白酒 and Combier Original are 80 proof.
  • Brandy-Based: Many of the original 库拉索岛s had either a brandy or 朗姆酒 base and a few orange 利口酒 continue to use brandy or Cognac. The French liqueur, 金万利酒, is the best known and was originally called "Curaçao Marnier." It uses Cognac, is often preferred by bartenders, and can be drunk on its own. Its Italian counterpart, Gran Gala has a brandy base and is comparable in quality. 两种利口酒都是80度.
  • O3: 德凯伯尔产品线中的一种利口酒, O3 is a premium orange liqueur that can be used in a variety of cocktails. It is 味道ed with the essential oils of the Brazilian pera orange and bottled at 80 proof.
  • 赞助人Citronge: 所产生的 赞助人龙舌兰酒, Citrónge (80 proof) has a base of neutral grain spirits and is 味道ed with organic Jamaican and bittersweet Haitian oranges. 它是玛格丽塔酒和其他龙舌兰鸡尾酒的好选择. 
  • Solerno血橙利口酒: Produced in Sicily, Solerno (80 proof) is a premium liqueur with a deep, darker orange 味道. It has a neutral spirit base and goes through three rounds of distillation: one with whole Sanguinello blood oranges, 一个有血橘皮, 还有一个是西西里柠檬.
  • Borducan橙利口酒: This orange liqueur is often compared to 橘味白酒, though it's not a triple sec. It is less sweet but with a bolder orange 味道 accented with Alpine herbs and saffron. Borducan is produced in northern Italy, has a neutral spirit base, and is bottled at 70 proof.
  • Aperol: 这款开胃酒有明亮的橙色味道和颜色. 它不甜,但苦. Aperol is produced in Italy and is infused with bitter and sweet oranges along with a proprietary recipe of herbs and roots. It mixes very well in simple, high-end cocktails, including the signature Aperol喷 22度装瓶.


在大多数情况下,橙味利口酒是不能单独享用的. Brandy-based 利口酒 like 金万利酒 are the exception and nice when served on the rocks or topped with light soda. 除此之外,它们通常是用来喝鸡尾酒和射击酒的. 各种鸡尾酒配方中都含有橙味利口酒, 包括恶化, 马丁尼酒, 和冷场, 还有混合饮料和热饮. They're common in shot recipes and often prized for their color and sweet taste in layered shooters.

很难知道在不同的饮料中使用哪种风格. Some cocktails work best with the darker 金万利酒 while others are better with the crispness of a premium 库拉索岛 or triple sec. 许多ca88手机版登录都会推荐一种特定的橙色利口酒或品牌. 其他人使用通用名称triple sec或库拉索岛.


  1. 在酒吧里放一种淡橙色和一种深橙色的利口酒. The most common premium choices are 橘味白酒 (light) and 金万利酒 (dark), 虽然有其他品牌在质量上可以与之媲美.
  2. When substituting, try to retain that same light or dark base that the recipe calls for.
  3. A cheap orange liqueur (especially triple secs and 库拉索岛s) can ruin an otherwise perfect cocktail.
  4. If you have a favorite orange liqueur and a new recipe that calls for a different liqueur, 试试你最喜欢的吧. 它可能同样好,如果不是更让你高兴的话.
  5. 离开的时候没有别的向导,只有“橘子利口酒”," follow the theory of pairing light 利口酒 with light cocktails and dark with dark. 例如, 在杜松子酒, 朗姆酒, 龙舌兰酒和鸡尾酒, you might begin with a 库拉索岛 while in cocktails with brandy or whiskey, 金万利酒也许是个不错的起点.


The list of popular cocktails that feature an orange liqueur of some type is long. 在经典ca88手机版登录和现代ca88手机版登录中都有, 但要想获得全面的鸡尾酒体验,以下几点是必不可少的:


橙子利口酒市场是多样化的. 有些品牌专门生产一种橙色甜酒或一种风格的甜酒. 另一些则生产各种风味的利口酒, 有时在他们的投资组合中同时提供三重SEC和库拉索岛.

  • Aperol
  • 赤身裸体
  • 橘味白酒
  • DeKuyper
  • 金万利酒
  • 希兰沃克
  • 赞助人Citronge
  • 高级Curaçao Curaçao


食物ca88手机版登录中也有橙汁. 你可能会发现它被用来给蛋糕添加柑橘的味道, 为水果制作糖浆, 或用于肉的腌泡汁或釉料.